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26 Top Jobs in Canada (With Duties and Salaries)

When searching for a new career, it’s important to find prospects that suit your interests and abilities. There are many career options you can choose from in Canada. Learning more about the top jobs that pay well and offer exciting opportunities could help you find the best fit to achieve your career goals. In this article, we list 26 of the top jobs in Canada along with the primary duties and national average salaries for each.

26 of the top jobs in Canada

The right job for you should fit your skill set and suit your personal interests and goals. Below are 26 of the top jobs in Canada, including lucrative career options that pay well and have a variety of opportunities. Depending on your skill set, you may consider a career as one of the following:

1. Mechanical engineer

National average salary: $76,398 per yearPrimary duties: Mechanical engineers are professionals who design, test, and refine mechanical devices and systems. Their primary duties include conducting research about mechanical processes, creating operational plans, and collaborating with a design or manufacturing team. They may also inspect and repair mechanical equipment. Check out all current job openings for mechanical engineers.

2. Manufacturing manager

National average salary: $88,739 per yearPrimary duties: A manufacturing manager works in a production company or plant. They are responsible for overseeing the production process. Their responsibilities may include supervising a team of manufacturing professionals, overseeing the equipment, and managing the workflow systems. Check out all current job openings for manufacturing managers.

3. Physiotherapist

National average salary: $82,390 per yearPrimary duties: A physiotherapist is a healthcare professional who helps patients develop or regain movement and strength. They often work with patients with disabilities or those who have experienced an injury, illness, or surgery. Their duties include establishing a treatment plan for individual patients, assisting patients with exercises and treatments, and evaluating patients’ progress. Check out all current job openings for physiotherapists.Read more: 9 Types of Physiotherapists to Consider for Your Career

4. Aerospace engineer

National average salary$76,620 per yearPrimary duties: Aerospace engineers are professionals who design new aircraft, including airplanes, spacecraft, satellites, and missiles. Their primary responsibilities are creating plans, testing projects, and refining designs for new aircraft. They may also create prototypes to ensure they function correctly. Check out all current job openings for aerospace engineers.

5. Nurse practitioner

National average salary: $108,035 per yearPrimary duties: A nurse practitioner is a healthcare professional who helps keep patients healthy. They often work in a primary care setting to oversee a patient’s general health. They review a patient’s medical history, evaluate their current health conditions, and work to prevent diseases. Check out all current job openings for nurse practitioners.

6. Electronics engineer

National average salary: $76,371 per yearPrimary duties: Electronics engineers are professionals who create new electronic equipment, including motors, navigation equipment, audio equipment, communication systems, and power generation machines. Their primary responsibilities include creating new plans, testing designs, and reviewing current electronic systems to improve efficiency and performance. They may also work with other engineers to design electronic systems in cars, planes, and other large machines. Check out all current job openings for electronics engineers.

7. Line technician

National average salary: $86,050 per yearPrimary duties: A line technician is a professional who repairs and maintains power lines or communication lines, such as phone and internet cables. Their duties can include performing routine maintenance and repairing damaged wires. They typically work with a team to build new power or communication systems in an area. Check out all current job openings for line technicians.

8. Construction manager

National average salary: $93,056 per yearPrimary duties: Construction managers are professionals who oversee a construction project. Their duties include supervising a construction team, reviewing the project budget and schedule, and ensuring teams complete the project on time. They may also work to ensure the project meets local safety guidelines. Check out all current job openings for construction managers.

9. Computer engineer

National average salary: $79,366 per yearPrimary duties: Computer engineers are technology professionals who specialize in developing new computer hardware or equipment. Their primary duties include creating new designs, testing the equipment using prototypes, and refining current hardware to improve speed. They may also analyze large sets of data and oversee the manufacturing process for computer equipment. Check out all current job openings for computer engineers.

10. Data analyst

National average salary: $66,377 per yearPrimary duties: Data analysts specialize in collecting, sorting, and assessing data. They can work in many industries, including business, technology, and manufacturing, where they help companies refine their systems to improve efficiency. Their duties include gathering data, translating information to make it easier to understand, and solving problems using data. Check out all current job openings for data analysts.

11. Occupational therapist

National average salary: $79,008 per yearPrimary duties: Occupational therapists are healthcare professionals who help patients develop or recover the skills they need for their daily lives. Their duties include evaluating patients, creating treatment plans, and overseeing their patients’ progress. Check out all current job openings for occupational therapists.

12. Software engineer

National average salary: $84,316 per yearPrimary duties: Software engineers are technology professionals who use mathematical concepts and scientific reasoning to create new software programs. As part of their duties, they may write and test new code, analyze what a client needs from a program, and revise a current platform or system. Check out all current job openings for software engineers.

13. Research manager

National average salary: $64,261 per yearPrimary duties: A research manager is a professional who oversees a research team or project. They can work in a variety of industries, including science, academics, business, and manufacturing. The duties of a research manager include planning a research project, coordinating experiments or tests, and delegating duties to research associates. Check out all current job openings for research managers.

14. Data scientist

National average salary: $87,529 per yearPrimary duties: Data scientists are professionals who specialize in data systems. They design new ways to store and organize large data sets. Their duties may include creating data systems, designing mathematical models, and providing a structure for a client’s data. Check out all current job openings for data scientists.

15. Actuary

National average salary: $88,798 per yearPrimary duties: An actuary is a professional who uses mathematical reasoning to solve problems for clients by using statistics and models to predict financial forecasts and risks. Their duties may include collecting data, reviewing company policy documents, and communicating their findings with their clients. Check out all current job openings for actuaries.

16. Nurse manager

National average salary: $86,413 per yearPrimary duties: a nurse manager is a healthcare professional who oversees a team of nurses. They may work in a hospital, private clinic, or long-term care facility. Their duties include supervising a team of healthcare professionals, developing nursing policies and protocols, and monitoring patients’ treatment and progress. Check out all current job openings for nurse managers.

17. Lawyer

National average salary: $99,247 per yearPrimary duties: As one of the top jobs in Canada, lawyers are professionals who provide legal advice and guidance. They can work for companies directly, law firms, or government agencies. Their duties can vary depending on their legal specialty, but common responsibilities can include meeting with clients, offering legal advice, drafting legal documents, and presenting cases in court. Check out all current job openings for lawyers.

18. Finance manager

National average salary: $93,964 per yearPrimary duties: Finance managers handle the overall financial health of a company or organization. Their duties may include writing financial reports, planning investments, and collaborating with executives to design long-term financial strategies for a business. Check out all current job openings for finance managers.

19. Marketing director

National average salary: $96,259 per yearPrimary duties: Marketing directors are professionals who oversee a marketing team, project, or department. They manage a company’s marketing process from the initial research stage to the execution and review stages. Their duties include creating campaign calendars, managing project budgets, and designing long-term strategic marketing plans. Check out all current job openings for marketing directors.

20. Veterinarian

National average salary: $106,588 per yearPrimary duties: A veterinarian is a medical professional who provides animal care. They meet with pet owners, evaluate animals’ health signs, and advise owners on proper pet care. They may also perform animal surgery and treat health conditions. Check out all current job openings for veterinarians.

21. Pharmacist

National average salary: $96,483 per yearPrimary duties: Being a pharmacist is another one of the top jobs in Canada. Pharmacists are professionals who distribute prescription medications to customers. Their duties include reading prescriptions, gathering medications, and advising individuals on proper medication use. Check out all current job openings for pharmacists.

22. Transport manager

National average salary: $80,818 per yearPrimary duties: A transport manager oversees the transportation process for a company. They often handle the shipping and delivery systems for organizations. Their duties can include overseeing a team of professionals, creating distribution and shipping plans, and reviewing safety regulations. Check out all current job openings for transport managers.

23. Engineering manager

National average salary: $111,196 per yearPrimary duties: An engineering manager supervises a team of professionals during the production or manufacturing process. They use engineering principles and mathematical reasoning to create new processes and workflow systems. They may also review systems and methods to increase production efficiency. Check out all current job openings for engineering managers.

24. Flight instructor

National average salary: $82,101 per yearPrimary duties: Another of the top jobs in Canada, flight instructors are aviation professionals who train students on how to fly an aircraft. Their duties may include leading classroom instruction and in-flight training. They teach students how to evaluate flight conditions, read aircraft instruments, and operate the equipment. Check out all current job openings for flight instructors.

25. Mining engineer

National average salary: $113,771 per yearPrimary duties: A mining engineer develops new methods to extract minerals or resources from the earth. They often specialize in one type of material, such as coal, gold, or iron. Their duties can include designing mines, reviewing mine plans and sites, and monitoring the extraction process. Check out all current job openings for mining engineers.

26. Dentist

National average salary: $168,332 per yearPrimary duties: A dentist is a medical professional who specializes in oral care. This profession is also considered one of the top jobs in Canada. As part of their duties, dentists meet with patients, evaluate their oral health, provide medical guidance, and treat tooth and gum conditions. Check out all current job openings for dentists.

Salary figures reflect data listed on Indeed Salaries at time of writing. Salaries may vary depending on the hiring organization and a candidate’s experience, academic background and location.This article is based on information available at the time of writing, which may change at any time. Indeed does not guarantee that this information is always up-to-date. Please seek out a local resource for the latest on this topic.




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